Wonder if this is accurate:

Not sure if you can read it but I took a pregnancy test this morning and it said pregnant. I googled the accuracy of this test and it said it can give some false positives if you have not yet missed your period. I am 10 days past ovulation and 5 days before I am supposed to get my period. SO I went to the store at 6:45 a.m. and bought a first response test that says you can test of up to 5 days early. It has two lines but one is super faint. I guess I will have to wait and see if I get AF on Friday. Ah who am I kidding I will probably test everyday until I get a nice line. I told Kevin after the first test. He was half asleep and had to read it a couple times but then he smiled and said cool. So different from last time when he was like no way let me see. But then again we have made a conscious effort this month. If it’s true which I am pretty sure it is how nice that I found out on Father’s Day. Seems like an appropriate gift to me.


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