We made it!

Kevin is home and we made it through the week. Stacey and Addie are back from vacation so Ava and I will have our friends to talk to and play with. Now that Kevin is home we can eat healthier and get back to going to the gym. I have been eating out all week and I swear I gained like five lbs. Probably wasn’t good for our finances either.
Also AF didn’t come so I am officially pregnant. I really want a sticky baby and a healthy pregnancy. My pregnancy with AJ was pretty easy and simple except for the AFP test results, having an amnio, pools in my placenta and at the end not enough fluid. I would really like to not have to go through those scares again and enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest with a healthy baby at the end. I have been taking my prenatals which I hated with Ava.
We have a busy day tomorrow but I am sure AJ will enjoy it. She has swim class with Daddy at 9 am. Then she is going to daycare at the gym while Kev and take Group Power. At 1:30 we have her cousins birthday party. Later I am going to my Mom’s for The Girls Only Club monthly meeting. It will be interesting not to be able to drink. This is a group of ladies I use to work with. They are so much fun. Some are my Mom’s age some are close to my age but I am the baby. We’ll see how they react to the news. Well better go help Kevin with bedtime.


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