We took AJ to Clemyjontri Park today; she had a blast. ( That place is so cool. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend it. She had a blast on the bridges and swings. The Merry Go Round really was cool. She loved it, though I was completely nauseaus and dizzy. O n the swings she kept saying out in out in and kicking he legs it was so cute this is her and Kevin practicing:

Addie and her family came too so she had someone to play with and I finally got to talk to Stacey and play with the baby. Nate is getting big though I can’t believe he is 7 months now.

After the park we went to get subs at the Italian Store and waited an hour for 2 subs. I sure which I could have gotten an Italian sub but the meatball was good. The pizza we got Ava was delish. No wonder everyone raves about that place.

I took some belly pics to show how I am starting this pregnancy but I will keep them until 8 weeks because I am hoping it is more bloating than baby. Well I think thats it. My first appointment is next Tuesday and I can’t wait.


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