So we waited forever to be seen by my OB (Dr. Behram) and he came in and was so sweet and excited to see us again. He was really happy to see Ava. Then he hold us he was going to do an internal exam but since I was only 6.5 weeks it maybe possible that he might not see anything. So then Kev starts cracking up because he remember when they did the internal to Izzy in Knocked Up, I tell Dr. Behram that its a really funny movie and he says “Well this isn’t really funny, do you see what I see?” I said “Yes” very matterfactly bc I just knew I was having twins. Then he showed Kevin who said you have to be kidding me. So he checked the first sack and said he saw a yolk and a fetus he could see the second that well and told me that sometimes one twin won’t develop so not to get to excited but to all remember it was really early in the pregnancy and that might be why. He asked me to come back in two weeks and to also go see the Maternal Fetal Specialist I saw with AJ (I love him he is so HOT). So that’s where I am at two sacks praying to babies develop and decide to stick around. I am really trying to stay cautiously optimistic but am SO HAPPY, Kevin is in shock to say the least, my Mom is so worried about how we are going to pay for 3 kids she cried. I need lot’s of prayers and well wishes please.

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