Ava’s First Fair

We took Ava to the MC Agricultural fair today and she had such a blast! This morning when I was telling her that Daddy was going to come home and take us to the fair to see the animals she said I love animals and I love the fair. It was so funny because she has obviously never been before. So we took her around 6 o’clock and first spent some time looking at all the animals. I think her favorite might have been the turkeys or goats. We got to see a calf that was only 3 hours old. Kev thought it was gross I took a pic but I love that stuff. She petted the goats and nothing else. We took her to the pony rides totally not expecting her to ride one because she is normally so cautious, but she surprised us and went for a ride. She kept saying Yahoo Yippi Ca Yey (sp?,gotta love those Backyardigans for teaching her how to be a cowgirl). She went on 4 rides and loved each. I only got on the Flying Elephants because everything else spun too much. It seems like her and Kevin had a great time on the tea cups. Here are my favorite pictures from today and you can see the rest at : http://picasaweb.google.com/Racey7/August2007/photo#5098371468010282562

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