Nuchal Fold Test

What a long day!!! I worked at the gym this am took my grandma to the dr. at 11:45 and just made it to my MF (maternal fetal medicine appt.) at 1 pm. When I got there I was dying to pee so I asked the receptionist if I could and she said go ahead to I took like half a full pee. We got there and were seen pretty quickly, they let Ava bring a toy in the exam room which was nice. Went into the room and the tech started looking for the baby and couldn’t see much because my bladder was too empty, @@ I am such a fool I knew I should have held it. So after looking a baby for a good ten minutes she said she had to do it transvaginally. I sat with my legs splayed at least 20 minutes. I mean they were horizontal this woman tried every which weigh to get the neck shot but Baby was just not coroperating. I saw and heard the heartbeat at 168. We saw baby’s hands, feet, belly everything but its neck. She left the thing hanging out of my who-ha for a few minutes and tried again. Kevin finally asked why my legs were shaking and she said she couldn’t get the measurement and would try again to do it through my tummy. During this time Ava was amazing. She glanced up once and said OH Baby! Daddy my Baby!!! Kevin picked her up and she squealed with such excitement. She asked so many questions like is baby kicking mommy or tickling mommy. She said one baby Daddy, two babies () Kev explained there as only one now. Kevin was shocked she knew so much about the “baby tummy”. The other twin’s sac and everything is still there so that was still sad. Anyway they tried again and nothing. In comes the Dr. (not my beloved Dr. Kramer) and asks all the routine questions fiddles around for 5 minutes and says okay done, thin reading 1.1 your baby looks great. After 45 minutes of being poked and prodded we got a 1/13000 of Downs and 1/1100 trisomy 18. I can have a CSV or amnio if I want to (like I want a 10 ft needle in my stomach again) or just take my chances. I think I will just take my odds and be happy, unless they see something at my next appointment in 4 weeks. Oh he also told us that unless I want to know the sex they won’t tell Kevin. I am sure I won’t have the will power but maybe baby will be on my side. Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers. Here is Ava’s 11 week belly (heehee)

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