My classroom

I go in everyday and work on my classroom and I swear everyday it looks worse. Well not worse but done. I am hoping to be done tomorrow. My first day was good. I was so busy I hardly had time to cry about missing AJ. Today I had more meetings that I think were useless since I don’t give my class the test that we learned about. I wish I had more time in the classroom. Send me energy vibes so that I can finish and clean everything up. The mice in the closet slowed me down last week. AJ is doing well. She is now getting up when I leave for work or Kevin is in shower and I am waiting my turn. She is so happy when I get home it feels great. Of course getting up at 6 isn’t fun. Here is a pic of her yesterday when I got home and some of my classroom from last Friday. I hope I can send completed pics tomorrow.

Back of room. We painted the blackboards and am covering with cork to make a real bulletin board.

Front of room. Alphabet on red strip and colors will be on yellow.

Student computer, writing center, student mailcenter


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