15 Weeks!

Here I am at 15 weeks. I had just drank a lot of water and fresh squeezed OJ (so YUM!) so I am finally looking pregnant. I have my MF appt on Thursday and I can’t wait. I am so sure I am going to cave and end up asking to know what the baby is. Kevin is dying to know and now I am feeling its a girl so I want to check. I actually haven’t bought a thing for this bean so I would like to shop too.
AJ is not in my belly pic this week but hopefully next week. I have to say everyday this kid amazes me. She is so witty and smart. I think it hit her yesterday that I was going to be going to work everyday and she wasn’t going to stay home. She was so sad when I left and she kept asking to go with me :(. Thankfully when I get home she is all smiles and ready to play. Her vocabulary is just unimaginable to me. She had perfect sentences and uses phrase at the right time. Today I asked her to take one more bite of her pb wrap and she told me, “Um. Wait a minute let me think about it!” ROFL! It is kind of sad to see her growing up so fast. Till next Thursday 🙂

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