Halloween and Pumpkin Painting

We had a great night! I swear Ava amazes me more and more everyday. It’s nights like Halloween when she makes me fall in love even more than I ever thought possible. We practiced the night before and she fell asleep asking me if when she said trick or treat the kids would put candy in her bag. Once I got home from work I got her ready for dinner at my parents house and then off we went. She ate a lot of her food just because we kept telling her that until she ate we couldn’t go. My Dad gave her some candy before we headed out and once we got to the neighborhood to trick-or-treat she was so excited. At the first house she said trick or treat and went to take her candy out of the bag to give to the lady. Once she finally understood that she was getting candy she told us “I get candy for us”. She was so good and said thank you and happy Halloween to everybody. Some costumes and houses scared her but all in all she loved it. The wonder in her eyes and joy over the small things is the best part of being her Mom. On with the pics…


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