Ava the Baker

A friend of mine sent pics a while ago of her daughter baking some cupcakes and having a blast. Last weekend we was my cousin’s birthday and Ava asked if we could make him a cake so I decided to try baking with Ava. She had a BLAST! She made “pupcakes” (as in Strawberry Shortcakes dog) for her uncle Doug and had so much fun she asks almost everyday what we are making next and if I remember making pupcakes for Uncle Doug. Baking make become a weekend tradition here because this weekend we “made” cinnamon rolls for Daddy and she loved it. Next week I think we will try blueberry muffins. On to the pics…


Snow Angel

It snowed here today and when we got home from work Kevin and I took Ava out for a quick snow adventure. Here are some pics…

Getting ready to go out

A real angel!

34 weeks…

Not sure if you can tell by the pic but I am huge (incase your are blind). I feel huge. I have never been this big. I have 6 more weeks?!?!?! Add to that the fact the pic was taken at 6:45 so I wouldn’t forget and you have one unhappy preggo. We are a little more prepared for Kohen now. Kevin took the lead and ordered some clothes from Gap.com, they are cute but nowhere near as cute as the stuff for AJ. Anyway on with the pic…

Interviewing AJ

Ava has been sick and I thought maybe an video interview would cheer her up. Enjoy

Happy 2008!

We had fun. We went to my cousins house to celebrate his engagement. We (they) had Baja Fresh and cheesecake for dessert. I am not eating much at night anymore because I get very uncomfortable. We normally spend NYE with my family so it was nothing new just the added excitement of my cousins engagement. Ava stayed up to ring in the new year with some cider and had a lot of fun running around. She can really hang as long as we need her to with out getting cranky or fussy. Wonder if Kohen will follow suit?

I also had my 31 week appt with my OB and it turns out my cramps are contractions. Like Jenn I am no where near ready for a baby. I think at my next appt I will ask for information on the VBAC class and start making the decision on which way I want to go.

Anyway to those who read Happy New Year from the Guishards.