Twas the night before baby

and all through the house we are trying our best to keep busy. I am not sure what else we can do to make the time pass. Ava is finally asleep and Kevin is now watching dumb cartoons. Me? Well, I am sitting here wondering why I have to put up with these braxton hicks contractions when they won’t get me anywhere. I have packed my bag, Kohen’s and Ava’s as well. I straightened my hair so it is easy to care for at the hospital and gotten my clothes ready for tomorrow. I had my last meal until God knows when. I chose to snack on pineapple, blueberries, blackberries and green grapes. Today I went to the foot Dr. to get my toe checked out and got confirmation it is broken. Picked up my contacts and paycheck from the gym. Kevin picked up my new rx for inhalers and brought home cupcakes. Not much else I can think to do but going to bed seems like a waste if I am going to up all night worrying like I was the night before Ava came. Tomorrow she is going to my friends house who happens to be AJ’s bf’s mommy too. She can’t wait to go and play. So this is my sign off until I return with my newborn son and his super excited big sister. Keep us in your prayers please…


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