So my huge boy made his entrance February 20 at 1:10 pm. He weighted 8 lbs 7 oz. He is a full pound bigger than his big sister. I have to say the c-section experience was much different this time. I was able to control my nerves and make it through the whole surgery. He had to be vacuumed out because was so stubborn about coming out. I was able to hear his first cries and see him as they brought him to the baby station. It seems like Kohen inhaled some fluids during delivery and they got into his lungs. They did hear a murmur yesterday but it seems like it is gone since the neonatologist did not mention it this morning. He is nursing very well we are just waiting for more poops and everything should be good. I will say that c-sections are not fun when you have a cough that makes your incision feel like it is tearing open. I will have pics once we get home tomorrow and I can get signal to my laptop. I can tell you that to me he looks just like Ava when she was born except he has fatter cheeks and has more hair. His big sister is so excited about having her “baby brudder”, though she doesn’t like to hear him crying and wants to look at his small feet all the time. Pics to come…


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