Two Weeks!

Kohen is two weeks old already! It feels like he has been here forever but at the same time it seems like just yesterday that we got to meet him. Things are going good. I am feeling better and adjusting to two kids slowly but surely. Ava loves her baby bro and Kevin is happy to have his little man around. I must say though that the sleepless nights can really get to you. Kohen is nursing around every 2 1/2 hours for about 30 minutes but it takes about 45 for him to get 30 minutes of nursing because he falls asleep so much. So it gives me about 2 hours to fall asleep between feedings. No wonder I wake up with monster headaches. He seems to be staying awake for longer periods on time now and it is fun to just watch him. Ava is adjusting well except for bedtime. She decides to act up before bed and around 7 if she hasn’t had a nap. Kev and I keep trying to be patient and understanding of everything she is going through. I am very happy that she isn’t the least bit jealous and instead adores Kohen. So here are a few pics of the past two weeks… I always take pics of Kevin sleeping with Ava so I had to keep it up with Kohen.

My long haired boy.

The view I have while nursing (which seems to be 24/7).

He seems so wasteful. 😉


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