Weekend of Fun

for AJ at least. This weekend I decided to make it about her since I am going back to work on Thursday. To be honest I am exhausted today but I had a lot of fun too. I got to see a few of my Mommy Friends whose children I have made into AJ’s friends. It has been so great to have girlfriends having children when I am. Now I just need to wait for Stace and Melanie to have their babes for Kohen to have built in friends too!
On Friday we went to the lake at the Rio to feed the ducks and play at the park with her friend Ella. We also went to BN and picked up a new book. Topped it off with lunch at Potbelly’s. That evening Kev took us to eat at Five Guys and got us ice cream at Cold Stone (yum!)

Saturday we again took her the Rio and let her feed the ducks and play at the little playground. She played with Keira and got another book from Barnes and Noble. The Rio is so cool with all the shops and restaurants surrounding the lake. We then went to see Skye’s soccer game and went to eat with the in-laws. She had a blast and passed out quickly.

Last but not least Sunday started birthday season for us. She has invitations to birthday parties for the next five weeks. This was one was at a sportplex with moon bounces and Ava and Adalie had a blast. I think Kevin had as much fun playing with them and having them hide from him! Sadly I didn’t get a good picture of them with the birthday boy, Nicholas.

My Girl!


So many smiles

Kohen has been smiling up a storm lately! I can’t wait for the giggles to start! He is really such an easy baby just fussing when hungry and needing to poop. Besides that he is content in his car seat when out and about or chilling in the stroller when big sis is having fun somewhere. He is getting so big that it is hard to carry him in the infant carrier without having sore arms. He has been so good the past few days letting us enjoy the nice weather and getting out to do some outdoor things.

Still feeling like his big sis doesn’t give him enough space.

I am not sure what to do with his hair it is so long so I have taken to making him rock a fauxhawk towards the end of the day

Straight chilling while Mommy and AJ shop.


Today is the first day of my final year in the 20’s. I have always LOVED my birthday and today is no different. What is different is what brings me pleasure. Before I remember having a huge list of desired gifts and being upset if I didn’t get most. This year I had trouble coming up with a list. Of course the usual pedicure and massages are still on my list but I couldn’t think of much more. Why you ask? Kids! Ava and Kohen have taken possession of every fiber of my being. Everything I want and hope for is for them. I woke up this morning and saw it was raining, normally a real downer for me on my birthday but today I woke to Kohen’s smile and then saw the rain I thought great more reason to stay in bed and snuggle. In the past I already have a pedicure scheduled but today I don’t and its fine because it give me more time to hear Ava’s funny jokes and quotes. This year one of the things I really want is a double stroller (Phil and Ted’s) so I can take the kids for a walk. Its funny how having kids really changes your life and makes you less selfish. I am truly blessed to have learned to really love others before I turn 30.

Family Pic

So this is us!

Gorgeous Boy!

Kohen at one month old!