Today is the first day of my final year in the 20’s. I have always LOVED my birthday and today is no different. What is different is what brings me pleasure. Before I remember having a huge list of desired gifts and being upset if I didn’t get most. This year I had trouble coming up with a list. Of course the usual pedicure and massages are still on my list but I couldn’t think of much more. Why you ask? Kids! Ava and Kohen have taken possession of every fiber of my being. Everything I want and hope for is for them. I woke up this morning and saw it was raining, normally a real downer for me on my birthday but today I woke to Kohen’s smile and then saw the rain I thought great more reason to stay in bed and snuggle. In the past I already have a pedicure scheduled but today I don’t and its fine because it give me more time to hear Ava’s funny jokes and quotes. This year one of the things I really want is a double stroller (Phil and Ted’s) so I can take the kids for a walk. Its funny how having kids really changes your life and makes you less selfish. I am truly blessed to have learned to really love others before I turn 30.


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