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Think she likes it?

Kohen’s Baptism

It was a great day! Sarah helped so much and I am so happy she is Ko’s godmother. We got cooking early but finished everything and the kids ready in time to make it to church with a couple minutes to spare. We had the reception at my Mom’s and that was also great, not to many people but just right. It was exciting to have Sarah and Ruby with us! Here are some pics of Kohen’s Baptism.

Mommy, Kohen and Daddy

Grace, Kohen, Kevin and Ava

Kenny (Godfather) Sarah (Godmother) Me, Kohen, Kevin and AJ

Kohen with is GodparentsI baptize thee…

Such a good boy
Koey and Daddy
Me and My Hubby 11 years after first dating
Think I look like my Mommy?

3 MONTHS?!?!?!?

So hard to believe my boy is 3 months already and gosh do we love him! He has brought a joy to our house that I didn’t know was missing but could not live without!!! His smile brightens my day and the looks he gives his sister melt me every time. She loves him so and acts like a little mother to him. Its funny but when we went to the ped’s she mentioned that when he heard AJ talking he started kicking and smiling. She brings him such joy and he returns the favor. My little man is probably 12 lbs, wearing 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers. He is smiling and doing a great job holding his head up. He has this funny grunting laugh that is triggered when tickled. His hair is so long and often in a faux hawk or spiked up. Here are some pics from today…

End of the parties

We have had birthday parties every weekend since the end of April! It has been lots of fun for Ava but it does take away from our weekend work time. This weekend we have Kohen’s baptism on Sunday and then we can finally relax! My girl friend is coming from SC this weekend for Kohen’s baptism and I can’t wait! It is also a four day weekend for me and that I really can’t wait for! Ava keeps asking me not to got to work and I am soo excited that soon I can say yep hun no work for me!!! So even though the parties will be ending for a while the relaxing can begin soon enough. I can’t wait to see these to sweet things together all summer long. Ava’s love for her brother is just astonishing to me and nothing less than inspiring. I can not believe that she has not once shown a sign of being one bit jealous and he just ADORES HER!! I have some pics of the kids that I will upload later… OH and on Friday I am planning on doing a DITL (day in the life) of Ava and Kohen. Should be interesting.

Showers with Daddy

Kohen and Daddy

Ava and Daddy

My Little Gymnist

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