Koey Lovin’

Happen so fast, having me blast


Off to Pirate Camp

Aj had her first camp day and she handled it like a champ. She was not at all worried about me leaving her which is a little bittersweet. She was so excited and could not wait to take my lunch bag with her. When she got home she didn’t say much about it just that she had fun can wanted to go back. So I don’t have many details to share and I didn’t get many pics because I had little man in one arm but here’s what I did shoot.

Can you see her pointing at me?

Day in the Life of Ava and Kohen

Here is a DITL of my kiddos on a typical summer Friday. No shots of me because I am as always behind the camera.

Here they are waiting for day to get started. Eating her customary morning cheese stick.Chilling in his swing while AJ and I get ready for the gym.
Getting cleaned up and ready to play.

Time for Kohen’s clothes change

Brushing her teeth about to get her hair did.

Taking care of baby bro while I get ready

Off we go!

A daily fight about which shoes to wear.

Hanging at the yac while I work-out.

He doesn’t like it so much

Back home hanging out with me while I make lunch.

Eating her tuna and chips.

Another diaper change

What to do with his hair? Getting so long…

Napping on the way to the doctor for Koey appointment

Little does he know he is going to get shots.

Now he is crying

and she gets started, what to do?

Give her the camera and him the boob.

A quick snack on the way to Avi’s and Papi

Out like a light

Off the the park with Papi

After another nursing

At the yac for my Friday shift

Back again?!?!

Pizza for dinner…
Time for bed at last.Changing for clothes.

Daddy time before bed.

4 Months!!!!

Oh my big boy! Well not so big 12 lbs 2oz, 24 3/4 inches. Love him!

Father’s Day

The baker

And Kevin asked how she got cake batter in her armpits 😉

Kohen and Gary

Sarah bought Koey this yomiko giraffe named Gary and it has become his favorite. So cute that he has something he favors. Also funny AJ’s Godmother Kathryn gave her a yomiko toy that is an elephant named Jade.

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