My weekend foe

Every weekend Kevin and I come up against the same enemy, laundry. I have come to the conclusion it will be a life long struggle with us always losing. I actually think if I ever had a maid I would want them to focus on laundry and cleaning my floors. This weekend we had more clothes and loads than normal. I am unsure if summer creates more laundry than winter I mean we have swimsuits, pool towels, linens, darks, whites, AJ’s, Kohen’s and a catch-all basket with place mats and odds and ends. Thankfully Gish helps me and loads them into the washer and dryer with my only role being to fold the mounds of clothes. Then he takes over again and puts them away. My hope is fall will have less laundry but then we will have school clothes and play clothes so I doubt it. Like I said a losing battle.

Darks and gym clothes

Whites and Kohen’s clothes In the dryer AJ’s up next the catch all basket.

My Husband Rocks!

So I am new to this but I really like the idea and thank Christina for including it in her blog so I could learn about it. Here goes… I wish I had pics and all but whatever. Gish rocks because he was all set to watch the kidlets for me to go out with a girlfriend tonight. Turns out Anabella and I had some miscommunication and ended up hanging out with our kids so it didn’t work out but he understood I was in need of some girl time and was more than willing to stay home with our two after a long week at work. He even drove my sis back to the metro so I could save time and get ready. Love you Gish! (yes our last name is Guishard but it is pronounced GISH-(like fish with a g) ARD and I call Kev Gish)


Help from all the Momma’s that read my blog I need some suggestions. We went grocery shopping on Tuesdays and I feel I got all the essentials except… Onions! I can’t think of anything that doesn’t need onions. Luckily I found something on all that had ground beef and no onions. We’ll see how it turns out. So here is my question(s) what do you cook when you don’t feel like cooking, what are your stand by recipes, what ingredients do you always have on hand? email me if you wish…

A Day off… National Aquarium in Baltimore

For you my Darling, Kevin took the day off today to take me to get my license since it was stole along with my wallet. It was super quick so we took the kids to the aquarium. Kevin had never been so he was also excited. I think everyone enjoyed the day but for $60 on admission and $20 on parking we will stick to the zoo for the next couple years.

The Dolphin Show. I think it was Ava’s favorite
I was in charge of Little Man for the day
Daddy and AJ watching the show
I think I got the better end of the deal bc carrying Ava all day is no picnic
Cool fish
Not the most flattering pic but hey I am working on it.
Kev calls AJ his mini-me cause she is into all the same things he is.
Guishards 2008
Looking for flying foxes
Funny looking turtle
Koey taking a snooze

Koey and Daddy after lunch
He really loved this penguin we got him at the gift shop.

I should have bought this shirt I can’t get it off my mind 😦


Tag- here are the rules

  • Link the person back who tagged you.
  • Post rules on your blog
  • Share 6 unimportant things about yourself
  • Link the people you tag at the end.

Okay so I got tagged twice.
First Christina so here goes 6 unimportant things about me?

  1. I think my toes are my best feature
  2. I am actively trying to lose weight.
  3. Spinning has become a new addiction.
  4. I love cheese.
  5. I love folding warm laundry but hate putting it away.
  6. I have my husband pump my gas.

The people I am tagging:

  1. Alex
  2. Jenn
  3. Lisa
  4. Antoinette

6 more unimportant things about me because I was also tagged by Tiara

  1. We are going to the aquarium today
  2. My wallet was stolen yesterday
  3. I hate getting dressed in the morning.
  4. I got new rainbows (yay!)
  5. I pick out Ava’s clothes online and send Kev to get them at the store
  6. I am a Red Bull Addict.

I am tagging

  1. Mel
  2. Brandi
  3. Renee
  4. Thats all I got

Just a few for fun

Love these pics and I couldn’t leave them out, but I wasn’t sure where to put them. Huh Mom?
Aww they love eachother. Seriously Ash is one of the few people Kohen likes to be with, besides me.

Need some lip gloss

Like fish in the water

While at Ira’s house we got to spend sometime in the pool. AJ loved it and is getting more confident in the water everyday. Kohen doesn’t mind being in the pool with us but it is always hard for me to judge when I should take him out and even harder to put him down for a nap.

Here he is during a brief nap. Little Pool Bum
AJ and I making use of our time with out baby bro
She was so happy to be floating by herself (vid below)
Ah he woke up and it was over for me and AJ
At least he is all smiles!
Thankfully my sis could play with her for me.

She loves Aunt AshThe kiddies and I (missing K)

For Daddy:

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