A Day off… National Aquarium in Baltimore

For you my Darling, Kevin took the day off today to take me to get my license since it was stole along with my wallet. It was super quick so we took the kids to the aquarium. Kevin had never been so he was also excited. I think everyone enjoyed the day but for $60 on admission and $20 on parking we will stick to the zoo for the next couple years.

The Dolphin Show. I think it was Ava’s favorite
I was in charge of Little Man for the day
Daddy and AJ watching the show
I think I got the better end of the deal bc carrying Ava all day is no picnic
Cool fish
Not the most flattering pic but hey I am working on it.
Kev calls AJ his mini-me cause she is into all the same things he is.
Guishards 2008
Looking for flying foxes
Funny looking turtle
Koey taking a snooze

Koey and Daddy after lunch
He really loved this penguin we got him at the gift shop.

I should have bought this shirt I can’t get it off my mind 😦

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