My weekend foe

Every weekend Kevin and I come up against the same enemy, laundry. I have come to the conclusion it will be a life long struggle with us always losing. I actually think if I ever had a maid I would want them to focus on laundry and cleaning my floors. This weekend we had more clothes and loads than normal. I am unsure if summer creates more laundry than winter I mean we have swimsuits, pool towels, linens, darks, whites, AJ’s, Kohen’s and a catch-all basket with place mats and odds and ends. Thankfully Gish helps me and loads them into the washer and dryer with my only role being to fold the mounds of clothes. Then he takes over again and puts them away. My hope is fall will have less laundry but then we will have school clothes and play clothes so I doubt it. Like I said a losing battle.

Darks and gym clothes

Whites and Kohen’s clothes In the dryer AJ’s up next the catch all basket.

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