Go Redskins!

So we took the kids to our first game as season ticket holders. Our seats are 4 rows away from the top in corner of the end zone home team side. The way the stadium is set up makes are seats have a really good view of the field and we are able to see everything. Not bad for the 400 section and a whole lot better than spending 5k for club seats. Anywho both kids did very well and I think AJ actually enjoyed it. She was dancing and boppin along with the band and cheerleaders though her favorite part may have been riding the Metro. Kohen doesn’t care where he is as long as he’s with me. The only thing that sucked was the walk to and from the metro. I think in total I walked about 2.5 miles that night. That after a spin class in the a.m. We got home around 12:30 and both kids were exhausted, who am I kidding Kev and I were done long before they were. We won’t be taking the kids to anymore games this season because they will probably get cold being so high up. I can’t wait for the first game of the regular season…

She loved the Metro but wanted to stand the whole way

Kohen and I accidentally wore Cowboys colors :O thank goodness we were playing the Bills.
Not to bad.

Our Little Redskinette

Kohen was too interested in the cheerleaders 😉

She was trying to get him to clap along with the band
Seriously can’t I just enjoy the game?

Sleepy boy


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