My Husband Rocks

Kevin rocks because he allows me to have days like I did yesterday (see below) and wakes up the next morning expecting the best from me and with full confidence in my ability as a mother and a wife. He has enough faith in our relationship to tell me when he thinks I need to reevaluate. But he isn’t disappointed in me and knows that I can do better and even if I am not he won’t walk out on me. This may not seem like a lot but when at moments when I am doubting myself and wondering how I can get up and do it again he comes along and just expects it, and that is because he knows me and trust me and loves me. It means so much to me to know that no matter what he will always be in my corner and not lose faith in me. I have learned that part loving someone means expecting the best from them and knowing when they have given it even if it isn’t perfection (it rarely is) yet not walking away or leaving when they can’t give it. Hope this makes sense because it one of the best reasons Kevin rocks…

A throwback picture to show that he has been around forever
April 98


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