6th Months of Bliss

My dear sweet Kohen is now 6th months! Like most of you who have babes know I feel like I blinked and poof he is a 6 month old yet I feel like he has been part of us forever. Children are such a blessing. I am so honored and grateful that God choose us to be Kohen’s family and gave him to me. He feels my life with such joy he has made me love Ava even more than I thought I could. I find it amusing that he is a morning person and wakes up with such spirit and so happy not sure that happen since Kevin and AJ wake up grumpy and I wake up begging for more sleep. He loves his sister and looks at her with such admiration. I am happy to report he has started to enjoy his time with Daddy more in the past month and I believe this has made Kevin very happy. He is still a little Mama’s Boy and truthfully I love being his favorite person. On to the stats and milestones:

  • Rolling over
  • Sitting up for brief periods
  • Eating some baby food but prefers Daddy’s Pancakes
  • About 13.4 Lbs
  • Length not sure…

My Morning Boy

Ethan (3.5 m) and Kohen (6 m)

Smiling into the night

Saying Good Bye to Daddy in the a.m.
Notice Mr. Grump
y Pants?

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