Mashed taters?

Kohen started solids about 3 weeks ago. He has had cereal w/ breastmilk, bananas, avocado, apples, sweet potatoes, pancakes, waffles and lastly carrots. Today we went to the ped’s for his 6 month and he weighted 12lbs 14 ozs :-(. Ava was this big at his age but our ped is still concerned, as am I, so she asked that we start having him eat 3 times a day and add butter and cream to his food. She said after 6 months breastmilk is lower in fat and he needs to get more fat in his diet. Tonight we gave him mashed potatoes and he loved it. I am not sure why my kids are so skinny it but it sure worries me. With me going back to work he has been drinking less too. He will only have one 4 oz bottle after I leave. He waits to eat the next one until 2:30-3! I just went back yesterday so maybe he will adjust and go back to his old schedule from last school year. I am wondering if I should supplement with formula a but my ped didn’t mention it an I forgot to ask. He goes back in two weeks or pediaRx and a weight check. Besides that he is doing super he can sit up for a short while stands (holding our hands) and puts weight on his legs for a long time. Dr. Scheibel said that the baby she was looking at was not the one that showed up on paper. Augh! So here is a pic of my little man after his mashed potatoes… (excuse the huge mess)


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