MHR Friday

Kevin rocks this week because he tries so hard to make me happy. He is not perfect, no one is, but when I am having a hard day or week even he will do something to brighten my day and remind me why I love him and that even though our life isn’t perfect there are so many good things and as long as we have each other we can make it through. Case in point… this week I have been complaining about leaving the house so late in the morning and getting to work just before my students. I told him I have so much stuff to do in the a.m. and I have no clue how to go faster. I was flustered by Friday and frankly super annoyed because he had to put gas in my car and slow me down even more. Well he woke up at 5:45 to make sure he could help me out had my pump bag ready, clothes ironed (I hate to iron) and car gassed up so I could leave by 7:10. I get in my car feeling like okay I am doing good on time but boy am I tired! I won’t have time for Starbucks I should have called Kevin while he was at the gas station to get me a Red Bull… look down and there it was a Red Bull in the cup holder. Gotta love him! As requested by Kev here is a throw back pic…

This is Kevin and I in Paris in 2000. I wanted to go to Paris so bad and begged while were in London to go to Paris. We took the train over for the day and all I wanted was to see the Eiffel Tower so Kevin got me there and even rode on the freezing open top deck of the tour bus so I could catch the rest of Paris in January. I love this picture because it reminds me how he will do so much to put a smile on my face.


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