Ah where to start? This week Kevin made it hard to pick why he rocks. He has been an all around great husband. I have been so tired this week and work has been rough for both of us yet Guish has tried so hard to make things better for me. So I am going to list the three reasons I couldn’t pick between…

  1. He makes me feel attractive
  2. He listens to my school stories and helps me see the lighter side.
  3. He knows when I really just need a Crown and Coke
  4. I know I said three but Guish reminds me to have fun with my own kids!
Kevin and I have been together for 11 years and to say that he still makes me feel like I am the one for him awesome in my book. Don’t get me wrong I love my job and being a teacher is the only job I would want to have but boy sometimes the kids can drive you nuts (rant in another post) Kev helps me laugh about the situations. Sometimes said kids make it neccessary to have a drink and Kev will go out in the rain to make sure I have the Crown Royal and Coke needed to relax and let things go. #4 is most important because being a teacher sometimes makes it harder to have energy and patience for your own children, Kevin makes us do things as a family and of course once I get around my two I can’t help but have fun with them. 3 Best People Ever!

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