First Graders

Can drive me crazy! Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I have the cutest kids but boy do I leave school tried and wondering WTF happen. I don’t remember my class being like this last year. I have so many different issues I am dealing with it is hard to know where to start and what to address first. I am having trouble with my transitions between activities. I turn from picking up one set of papers get the next and they are deep in loud conversations, swing from desks, standing on chair and being plain silly. I have a couple students who are being tested for ADHD and one with diagnosed ADHD and who is possibly on the spectrum. One kids who I love to death but has serious issues, completely inappropriate (think an episode of Family Guy) probably one of my smartest but augh he can’t even be trusted in the bathroom by himself. This week I had a parent get on me because she emailed me at 9:20 pm and I had not answered by 8 am. She wants me to send notes to her ex-husband telling him he needs to leave graded tests in the communication folder. She wants me to be responsible for her childs shoes because her sneakers never come back from Dad’s. One parent who came into ask me what I could do to make her child friends with another again. Another asked me to make sure her son eats his lunch and lastly a couple parents asking why their children aren’t getting more stickers. Three of my students were sent back from music class for being out of control, the gym teacher thinks my class is the wildest. I have about 4 responsible students who are getting bored and wasting time waiting for about 6 who are soooo slow. AAAAHHHHHH see why I needed a crown and coke?


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