Little Red Riding Hood

Here are some pics from Ava’s school parade. I love how Ant’s LRRH costume turned out. I was surprise to see that AJ and another little girl were the only two girls not dressed as Disney Princesses. At one point Kev asked me which princess was which, guess we need to brush up on our princesses knowledge and even start watching the videos. Poor AJ has only seen Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid in terms of Princess movies. So on with the pics



48 of them! AHHH. I made cupcakes for Ava’s Halloween Party tomorrow. She was a busy girl with gymnastics and her annual viewing of The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown so I did most of them myself. Her class only has 12 kids but I baked some for her teachers and for parents who want one. I also made some for Skye because she loves funfetti cupcakes. So 48 cupcakes later I am am BEAT! Here are some pics of what we came up with…

Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend it was obviously Kohen’s first time. Kohen seemed content even though he had no idea what was going on. We picked a nice big pumpkin and picked out some Jack be littles and gourds. Ava is going to the pumpkin patch with her school on Wednesday so we didn’t get too many. I got in Ava’s costume from Ant and it looks great! I wish I could take picture but alas it isn’t going to happen unless I can get a new camera asap. I have a few pics that I took before my camera went kaput. (will update later with pictures)

8 Months

My boy is 8 months today. I am very sad to report that my trusted digital camera is having issues and my be on its way out so I am not able to take pictures of Koey. I can say that he sits next to me struggling to brush his sister hair working his butt off to handle the brush and stick it in her hair like she is, or maybe he is just trying to hit her. He is not crawling one bit and seems to have zero interest. I do see him lifting himself either on his arms of lifting his feet but not both together. He seems to want to stand and walk more than anything. Kohen loves to eat and can now make the milk sign when he wants to nurse. He is also waving hi an clapping for himself (funny clap), I will post video later on this evening. He is also a huge babbler and loves to talk. Still loves to be held and cuddle with me. Such a sweetie he gives such great smiles and has started leaning in to kiss me. I still can’t believe its been 8 months!!!