Cookies and Love Actually

Not sure when the tradition started but for awhile my baby sis and I have been baking Christmas cookies together. This year we let Ava join in the fun. Mylee likes to make the candy cane cookies and Ava was sooo excited to be baking with Ashwee (her 3 year old version of Ashley). Unfortunately they did not turn out as pretty as usual but they were still yummy. I love hanging out with My and even if the cookies didn’t turn out perfect how can it not be a great night when Love Actually is involved????

Ava bummed the candy canes weren’t working.
My very unhappy about her dough.

We made bears because the dough wasn’t sticking when twisted into candy canes.

Well she liked them

Thanksgiving 2008

Some pics I forgot to load… there are non of Ava from that day because she was too busy playing with her cousin to pose for Mommy. I have gotten so sidetracked this year I even forgot to take a pic with my boy on his first Thanksgiving :-(. Well at least I have him with Papi.

Kev and I

My Mom and her girls

A picture just for you Mom. 😉

Ash making a funny face

My Dad (Papi) and Kohen


Happy Thanksgiving my blog friends! This year as every other year I have so many blessings to give thanks for. As AJ’s preschool prayer goes “The Lord is good to me! And so I thank The Lord”: for my wonderful family, the privilege of being born into a family were cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents are as much family as Mom and Dad. For new family members. For the unconditional love I have come to realize in my Mom and Dad. For a sister who is such a great friend. For my dear husband who ROCKS and who is a constant in my life. For girlfriends who each bring such different but much need essentials to my life. (wish I had pictures with more of them but that is part of my New years resolution) For the challenges we have faced this year which I have brought me closer the the Lord and reminded it is my life duty to love and serve him. For a job that I really love and for a paycheck every two weeks. For a house to raise my family in. There are so many other blessings that are bestowed on my family and me everyday that I am thankful for but the most important is the to babes that I was entrusted with!

9 Month Appt

Kohen had his 9 month check up and weighs in at a whooping 16 lbs 4 ozs and he is 27 inches tall. All this puts him in the 5% for weight and 10% for height. He has the best personality and really seems to enjoy all he does. I am so truly blessed with him and this Thanksgiving will be even more special because he is part of our family. Seeing him with Ava has to be one of the best parts of life he lights up when she comes in the room and she has so much love for her brother. He seems to be right on track milestone wise. He is now

  • Full on Crawling
  • Saying Mumum and Dada
  • Objecting when AJ does something he doesn’t like and Kev has actually seen a few fights between them
  • he plays peek-a-boo
  • he loves our dogs
  • is an all around Mama’s Boy.

Here are some videos of him recently taken.

An Elf Thanksgiving

AJ’s Preschool had their Thanksgiving Feast on Monday. It was so cute to see her with her preschool friends and see her in a school environment. It was also gratifying to have her be excited that I would go to school with her. Koey behaved really well and allowed me to spend some time with my girl. While I was there another Mom came up to me and told me that her little boy had a crush on Ava. She told me Mrs. Dengler mentioned how he likes to be around Ava and loves to hold her hand. AJ on the other hand does not like him and said he makes her nervoused (yes she added the ed) because he always holds her hand and she doesn’t like that, lol.My Little Indian Girl (showing her Redskins Pride!)

Ava and the “boy”She is starting to get annoyed over my picture taking.

Hanging out with with the girls.

My Christmas Wish List

I love reading Saucy’s blog post and had to steal her Christmas List idea. This was quite fun and even if I only get a couple of these things it is nice to wish. I realize this may show how I am still a little greedy and materialistic but I am who I am and this is my blog. Plus who among us doesn’t have a list of wants? So my dearest Kev if your are wondering what to get me this year my list follows. If any of you know my students mention these items.

A Starbucks Gold Card perfect for the teacher who loves coffee (all you mom’s out there wondering what to get that lovely hardworking underpaid teacher.)

A lap desk for working (um blogging) at night.

Ann Taylor Loft Gift Cards to buy new clothes when I get slim

Spinning Shoes I told myself that if I was still spinning at Christmas time I would get them.

Ugg Dakota Moccasins in Coffee, I have been lusting over these since last year.

A new Polar Watch (this is the f6) my current one doesn’t show your actual heart rate just the percentage which really bother me, I’m weird.

The North Face Denali Thermal for Women (isn’t it delish?)

and…. my extreme item

The Nikon D90! I have been lusting over this ever since I saw Jenn’s pics. I am sure will have to save up it and get it for my birthday or anniversary next year but a girl can dream, right?

My Husband Rocks

This week I have been feeling especially blessed to have Kevin as my husband. I can’t exactly explain why but its true and it has hit me several times this week. On Monday when I heard the garage door open and heard him hang his keys on the hook I had this feeling of thankfulness wash over over me. No matter how much we fight or disagree about things that moment of knowing he was there reminded me he is the one. It hit me again when we were sitting at the dinner table with the kids talking about what we did that day. Now I realize that there is more to family then eating dinner together everynight but for me it is an example of the importance he gives our family and of the life he is trying to build for our kids. Kevin comes from a home were his mom worked a lot to provide, more often than not he ate alone. So eating with his kids and me is a change he has made for us. On Wednesday Kevin went to spin class with me and we were able to talk without kiddos calling for our attention. This reminded me that he actually wants to talk to me we are friends and we do share things we are not just co-parents. So even though Kevin and I do fight (well we bicker a lot) at the root of our relationship we have this friendship is a blessing to me… This week Kevin rocks for being my best friend for the last 11 years!

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