Much to do about nothing???

Those of you have been long time reader of my blog or even a long time friend of mine know that I am a STRONG support of Barack Obama. So why is now 3 days from the election that I have such feels of turmoil? While I know that my vote is mine and totally up to me I want to blog about this because I need to work through my feelings. So here goes, I don’t want to make the wrong choice.
I am very inspired by Barack Obama and really want him to be our next president. I have come to terms with most of his imperfection. I have read his book Dreams of My Father and worked through my thoughts on it. I have input my information into Barack’s tax thingy and really like what I see. So what you ask is my reservation, abortion and the what ifs. I am soooo conflicted about what effect my vote will have on the future of abortion in our country. Through many long talks with a good friend, you know who you are, I have come to change my position and now truly believe in the protection the unborn children. I do believe that life begins at conception and that abortion does equal the killing of innocence and goes against the sanctity of life. Growing in my faith has done so much for me and for my personal life and has now brought me to a crossroads.
How do you vote when with all your heart you believe that a candidate is best for our country and but your still hear that little voice saying but don’t forget his is very pro-choice and would in act legislation that would make abortion more available?
I have spoken about this with Kev who is through the roof upset with me for considering a change of vote. I agree with another friend who believes that the voting for McCain won’t lead to less abortions and what we need is more education and I like her think that a vote for Barack does not make me evil or condemned to hell. But then I have to ignore what the bishops say and what the Church believes.
Though I respect John McCain for his service to our country and admiration for his decision to remain as a POW. That’s where it ends, I think his treatment of his first wife is despicable. I think his is treatment of Barack during the first 2 debates a perfect example of how ornery he his. I don’t think he looks out for the middle class and don’t agree with his healthcare policy. I detest Sarah Palin, think she is a hateful mean spirited woman. So as you can see I don’t like them. BUT I am still conflicted…
So what do I do stay home and pray the right man wins (hoping it Barack)? Vote for McCain (an act I will detest doing) and pray Barack wins. Or vote for Barack like I have been wanting to for the last FOUR years?

Only a person like me would be here, contemplating going against all but one of my beliefs to do the right thing, maybe the right thing?


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