My Husband Rocks!

So it seems that my dear husband has missed my MHR posts and wants to get some incentive to continue rocking. I must admit I have been slacking in my post because life has gotten so busy and it has been so easy to stop thinking why Kev is a good husband and just focus on why he isn’t doing enough. One reason he rocks is because he has recently started getting up early and staying with the kids until Dalia comes at 7:30ish. He is often late to work and yet he seems to enjoy having breakfast with them and getting them up for the day. To go along with getting up with the kids he also drops AJ off at her grandparents so they can take her to school (he is always late those days) and then he also goes and picks her up from school on Mondays. Most of these things are things I wish I could be the one to do but since I can’t it is great that Daddy does it with them. Long story short Kev rocks because he makes our marriage a partnership and doesn’t mind tagging in when I can’t. Below is just an example of that, he takes one babe and I have the other.


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