My Husband Rocks

This week I have been feeling especially blessed to have Kevin as my husband. I can’t exactly explain why but its true and it has hit me several times this week. On Monday when I heard the garage door open and heard him hang his keys on the hook I had this feeling of thankfulness wash over over me. No matter how much we fight or disagree about things that moment of knowing he was there reminded me he is the one. It hit me again when we were sitting at the dinner table with the kids talking about what we did that day. Now I realize that there is more to family then eating dinner together everynight but for me it is an example of the importance he gives our family and of the life he is trying to build for our kids. Kevin comes from a home were his mom worked a lot to provide, more often than not he ate alone. So eating with his kids and me is a change he has made for us. On Wednesday Kevin went to spin class with me and we were able to talk without kiddos calling for our attention. This reminded me that he actually wants to talk to me we are friends and we do share things we are not just co-parents. So even though Kevin and I do fight (well we bicker a lot) at the root of our relationship we have this friendship is a blessing to me… This week Kevin rocks for being my best friend for the last 11 years!


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