My Christmas Wish List

I love reading Saucy’s blog post and had to steal her Christmas List idea. This was quite fun and even if I only get a couple of these things it is nice to wish. I realize this may show how I am still a little greedy and materialistic but I am who I am and this is my blog. Plus who among us doesn’t have a list of wants? So my dearest Kev if your are wondering what to get me this year my list follows. If any of you know my students mention these items.

A Starbucks Gold Card perfect for the teacher who loves coffee (all you mom’s out there wondering what to get that lovely hardworking underpaid teacher.)

A lap desk for working (um blogging) at night.

Ann Taylor Loft Gift Cards to buy new clothes when I get slim

Spinning Shoes I told myself that if I was still spinning at Christmas time I would get them.

Ugg Dakota Moccasins in Coffee, I have been lusting over these since last year.

A new Polar Watch (this is the f6) my current one doesn’t show your actual heart rate just the percentage which really bother me, I’m weird.

The North Face Denali Thermal for Women (isn’t it delish?)

and…. my extreme item

The Nikon D90! I have been lusting over this ever since I saw Jenn’s pics. I am sure will have to save up it and get it for my birthday or anniversary next year but a girl can dream, right?

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