9 Month Appt

Kohen had his 9 month check up and weighs in at a whooping 16 lbs 4 ozs and he is 27 inches tall. All this puts him in the 5% for weight and 10% for height. He has the best personality and really seems to enjoy all he does. I am so truly blessed with him and this Thanksgiving will be even more special because he is part of our family. Seeing him with Ava has to be one of the best parts of life he lights up when she comes in the room and she has so much love for her brother. He seems to be right on track milestone wise. He is now

  • Full on Crawling
  • Saying Mumum and Dada
  • Objecting when AJ does something he doesn’t like and Kev has actually seen a few fights between them
  • he plays peek-a-boo
  • he loves our dogs
  • is an all around Mama’s Boy.

Here are some videos of him recently taken.


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