Happy Thanksgiving my blog friends! This year as every other year I have so many blessings to give thanks for. As AJ’s preschool prayer goes “The Lord is good to me! And so I thank The Lord”: for my wonderful family, the privilege of being born into a family were cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents are as much family as Mom and Dad. For new family members. For the unconditional love I have come to realize in my Mom and Dad. For a sister who is such a great friend. For my dear husband who ROCKS and who is a constant in my life. For girlfriends who each bring such different but much need essentials to my life. (wish I had pictures with more of them but that is part of my New years resolution) For the challenges we have faced this year which I have brought me closer the the Lord and reminded it is my life duty to love and serve him. For a job that I really love and for a paycheck every two weeks. For a house to raise my family in. There are so many other blessings that are bestowed on my family and me everyday that I am thankful for but the most important is the to babes that I was entrusted with!


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