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Ava’s Christmas Party

Ava had her Christmas Party on Wednesday it was very cute. The kids performed a few songs and then had some Christmas treats. I think that Ava did a great job singing the Christmas songs and remembering the routine. I was very surprised since she mentioned very little about it at home. It was so cute to see her performing. She is getting so big so fast which is a little sad but all in all its great. The school surprised them with a visit from Santa (I know him ;). This was the second time AJ saw Santa this year and when she realized he was there she was sooooo psyched but then just acted like it was no biggie when she got to meet him and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Her number one gift is definitely a guitar. She saw this pink one in a PBkids catalog and has been wanting a pink guitar ever since. We went to PBkids and contemplated getting it but then came to our senses and realized a $159 electric guitar for a 3 year old is not the wisest decision. Luckily Kev found one at Target for a much better price and pink to boot! So I think my Mom will be giving her that. I asked to tell Santa what else she wants and she said a Ming-Ming but I have no clue what that is! Hopefully Santa will know and she won’t be disappointed because she left school saying Santa was bringing her a guitar and a Ming Ming. Below is a video from the Christmas show. I am not sure why it gets fuzzy at times but I think it is still super cute!

Showers with Daddy

Which is which????

The kids meet Santa

My school had their annual Breakfast with Santa this Saturday and we took the kids. Kohen of course could careless and was not the least bit interested in the festivities but AJ seemed to enjoy the crafts and talking to the big guy. She may have been more excited about the candy cane he gave her though : X. I had her write her letter to Santa before so she would have in mind what she wanted. I think she did a good job with the first two things copying what I wrote but then it was taking too long and I took over. Not much else to say about the day so on the pics.


I promise that soon I will post the answer to the questions about how Kev and I met and what initially attracted me to Kevin but this edition of MHR I will I think I would be failing to give Kevin credit not to post the following. Almost anyone who knows me really well knows that I am hard to surprise and frankly I hate surprises. I hate hiding things from people and I hate things being hidden from me. That being said I am sure I have spoiled a lot of fun times for others and also for myself. I think in our whole relationship 10+ years a this point Gish has never trully surprised me until this past week. I was feeling very bummed about the loss of my cammera on Tuesday and quite frustrated about the loss of the pictures inside that I would never get to print or post. My camera is my favorite gadget and I can not live without it. I was upset that we would be taking the kiddos to visit Santa on Saturday and I would have nothing to take pics with. Knowing my husband I thought he might try and brigten my spirits and possibly bring home it home from his parents (not where it ended up being) or bring a new one but he played it so cool all night long I was back to being down. Late in the evening I came downstairs and he asked me to sit on the couch and close my eyes. Let me tell you it was the hardest thing to do. I am not always a trusting person and I had visions of frying pans hitting my head (paranoid much?) I refused to sit where he asked and was probably even shaking because I had no clue what he was going to do until I opened my eyes and saw…

Needless to say my husband ROCKS!!!
Not only for the camera (it is so sweet) but for always trying to make me happy and for surprising me.

Conversations with Kev

I have a very forgiving easy going heart as you will see with this video. How is it I can say he rocks when he can be such a butt? Because he is my butt and damn he’s funny.


I wanted to wait to post this because the reason Kev rocked this week was because he gave me Sunday afternoon to enjoy the Redskins Game with a friend and he stayed home. We were unable to find a babysitter for this weeks game and I was all set to let Gish go with Answan or someone but he surprised me and said no you go I know you really like Sean Taylor and would enjoy the induction ceremony more. So we decided I would go and take Ava with me. She has been begging to go to a game since the first preseason game we all went to. Well I wake up Sunday morning and wouldn’t you guess its POURING!!! Not at all suitable weather for a 3 year old to be sitting outside. I had to find a friend to come with me and was unsure Kev would still watch the kidlets all day by himself. He did and I got to go and freeze my butt off and watch my boys LOSE. Its the thought that counts and another example of how Kevin Rocks!!!

Me and DeeDee FREEZING at the game. (I am way too pale I know!)

For this game they had painted Sean Taylor’s number on the 50 yard line. (((Sean Taylor)))