I wanted to wait to post this because the reason Kev rocked this week was because he gave me Sunday afternoon to enjoy the Redskins Game with a friend and he stayed home. We were unable to find a babysitter for this weeks game and I was all set to let Gish go with Answan or someone but he surprised me and said no you go I know you really like Sean Taylor and would enjoy the induction ceremony more. So we decided I would go and take Ava with me. She has been begging to go to a game since the first preseason game we all went to. Well I wake up Sunday morning and wouldn’t you guess its POURING!!! Not at all suitable weather for a 3 year old to be sitting outside. I had to find a friend to come with me and was unsure Kev would still watch the kidlets all day by himself. He did and I got to go and freeze my butt off and watch my boys LOSE. Its the thought that counts and another example of how Kevin Rocks!!!

Me and DeeDee FREEZING at the game. (I am way too pale I know!)

For this game they had painted Sean Taylor’s number on the 50 yard line. (((Sean Taylor)))

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