I promise that soon I will post the answer to the questions about how Kev and I met and what initially attracted me to Kevin but this edition of MHR I will I think I would be failing to give Kevin credit not to post the following. Almost anyone who knows me really well knows that I am hard to surprise and frankly I hate surprises. I hate hiding things from people and I hate things being hidden from me. That being said I am sure I have spoiled a lot of fun times for others and also for myself. I think in our whole relationship 10+ years a this point Gish has never trully surprised me until this past week. I was feeling very bummed about the loss of my cammera on Tuesday and quite frustrated about the loss of the pictures inside that I would never get to print or post. My camera is my favorite gadget and I can not live without it. I was upset that we would be taking the kiddos to visit Santa on Saturday and I would have nothing to take pics with. Knowing my husband I thought he might try and brigten my spirits and possibly bring home it home from his parents (not where it ended up being) or bring a new one but he played it so cool all night long I was back to being down. Late in the evening I came downstairs and he asked me to sit on the couch and close my eyes. Let me tell you it was the hardest thing to do. I am not always a trusting person and I had visions of frying pans hitting my head (paranoid much?) I refused to sit where he asked and was probably even shaking because I had no clue what he was going to do until I opened my eyes and saw…

Needless to say my husband ROCKS!!!
Not only for the camera (it is so sweet) but for always trying to make me happy and for surprising me.


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