Ava’s Christmas Party

Ava had her Christmas Party on Wednesday it was very cute. The kids performed a few songs and then had some Christmas treats. I think that Ava did a great job singing the Christmas songs and remembering the routine. I was very surprised since she mentioned very little about it at home. It was so cute to see her performing. She is getting so big so fast which is a little sad but all in all its great. The school surprised them with a visit from Santa (I know him ;). This was the second time AJ saw Santa this year and when she realized he was there she was sooooo psyched but then just acted like it was no biggie when she got to meet him and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Her number one gift is definitely a guitar. She saw this pink one in a PBkids catalog and has been wanting a pink guitar ever since. We went to PBkids and contemplated getting it but then came to our senses and realized a $159 electric guitar for a 3 year old is not the wisest decision. Luckily Kev found one at Target for a much better price and pink to boot! So I think my Mom will be giving her that. I asked to tell Santa what else she wants and she said a Ming-Ming but I have no clue what that is! Hopefully Santa will know and she won’t be disappointed because she left school saying Santa was bringing her a guitar and a Ming Ming. Below is a video from the Christmas show. I am not sure why it gets fuzzy at times but I think it is still super cute!


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