Walking Humbly with God

I know I posted the goals I had for this year and I included the goals I have for my faith as well but I have one more to add. We sing this hymn during Mass all the time at school and I love it. Every time we sing it this part stands out “to walk humbly with God”. In my quest for validation and wanting to be worthy I tend to not walk humbly. I want to be recognized for the worth I bring. I think the reason this verse gets to me is because I have had it all wrong. I am worthy and I do not need to convince others of it I just need to know it in myself. My path towards honoring God has shown me that if I wasn’t worthy He wouldn’t have made me. In Genesis it says that God made man and it was good. So that makes me good. Now I just need to learn to walk humbly with Him. Oh and the kids at HR sing it much better!


365 Blog

Just a quick note that I have decided to participate in Project 365. To see some other our daily happenings check it. I am also hoping to improve my photography abilities.

Let it Snow!

Today we had a snow day.
Even though I planned to stay in these ALL day Little Miss had other plans.

So we traded Ugg slippers for Ugg Boots and headed out into the snow.

To look at and play in this.
When we started out The Boy was less than interest. She on the other hand was ecstatic.
This was the first time she got to play in the snow for more than 10 minutes. Her favorite part was dancing in the snow.I thought she might be cold at this point but no she was still all smiles.

So I decided that going for a walk to Sleven would be fine. This became my destination.
For what you might ask? What would make her walk to 7-11 in the snow with two kids in tow?
Well I did tell you about my obsession no?

And all was right with the world again. Well for me at least.
I then asked Little Miss what her destination was. Guess what she said!?! Rain Snow or Shine 3 year olds love the the park!

I checked on The Boy and off we headed. Guess he still wasn’t interested in the snow.
A quick pic of Just Us Girls.
My two favorite pictures of the day:

A yummy sleeping babe and…

A snowy arabesque


Do you have one? I sure do. I have an addiction to, an obsession with…

it has to be the sugar free kind and it has to be cold. It is my guilty pleasure because the suckers aren’t cheap. My dream husband refuses to get me another case at Costco so I must sneak them after I leave for work. Though like I said sometimes in my MHR post he delivers the goods. We had a snow day today and boy am I craving the one I have a work. So do you have any guilty pleasures???

I’m in!

you in?

I have pledged five hours of community service. I got a free cup of coffee for it too. Now to be honest I am not a huge coffee fan unless its iced but I am all game for a good cause. So how will I give five hours of community service? Well first I will be making sandwiches for a local shelter called Martha’s Table. My class and I are collecting toiletries to make kits for homeless in our area to be given at Christ House. I will look into tutoring somewhere. Now I ask you, you in? It breaks down to 25 minutes a month! I know you all can do it! Go on lets lead by example!


I love my dear husband because he is extremely thoughtful in ways I take for granted. He went out for guys night out and I took Little Miss and The Boy to my parents. I am driving home with them and before I left my Mom’s I told her how one of the things I dislike about being alone is having to get the kids in pj’s and ready for bed by myself. So I get home and what do I see? Both kids pj’s laid out on their beds! Just the little things! Another example is getting into my car in the morn and seeing this…

At Last!!

In case you have not had a chance to view the first dance of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama click here. Can I just say I think it is the sweet first dance. I love how cute and sweet they look together. I can honestly say I have been an Obama supporter for over 4 years, since I first heard him speak at the DNC in 04. But Michelle I wasn’t too sure about. Now though I have jumped on her bandwagon and am diggin her. I love her sass and how much she loves her husband. She seems like such a great mother and except for a few dresses I love her still too. Anyway check out the video and possibly add the song to your iPod if you don’t already have it.

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