The Weight Post…

So as listed in a previous post I am working on me this year and losing this weight that has taken over my body the last DECADE of my life. I can’t remember always being overweight I dare to say in high school I was definitely average size 6/7. Then it happen college really, second semester college. To deal with a situation that tested me beyond belief I ate. I ate a lot specifically steak and cheese subs from Santino’s with the best sauce ever. And of course the Papa John’s Sausage Pizza with the garlic sauce. I came home from school in May and my parents thought I was pregnant (extremely embarrassing). I am not sure if it was the situation or how my loved ones reacted that hurt me most. I don’t know if possibly it was me just needing a reason to eat or if I thought eating and gaining weight would protect me in the future. Then it just kept coming over the years I have gained and gained. I have also lost and then gained again. This year I plan to rid myself of this weight for good. I turn 30 in 3 months. I am letting go. Letting go of the anger, anger towards him, anger towards my family and anger towards me. I will not let this define who I am in my 30’s. I have given the weight, the words of my family and friends power over my life for 1o years and this year it ends. Now I would love to say that I will get back into my Express jeans that Kevin bought me when I was 18 (I believe I still have them?) but realistically I know that may not happen and it probably won’t. So my goal is to get to a weight where I am healthy. At the moment I don’t suffer from the weight except for emotionally and my asthma. But type 2 diabetes runs in my family and my grandfather suffers from heart disease so I want to be proactive. I also want to be able to run. This may seem basic for most people and I am not totally sure it is because I am overweight that I can’t run or because I have extremely flat feet but it is a dream of my to go for a run. So in the next three months I will be blogging about my progress and updating where I am at. I realize I got to this point over 10 years and 3 months is not going to undo it all, but I believe that 3 months is a good start and a nice small amount of manageable time. So for now I am focusing on the next three months. All I want to be able to do then is try on the clothes on the top of my closet and have them fit well. They are all my current size and one size below not a 7 or 10. I want to fit into my 14’s and 12’s without bulges and rolls. I want to be jogging for at least 10 minutes. I want to not need my inhaler.


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