I had such plans for today! We had the kids clothes laid out last night and the alarm set for 5:30. That is until AJ started coughing at about mmm 10 pm and didn’t stop until 10 pm tonight. I went to ask her if she still wanted to go to Barack’s parade and she said no she wanted to stay home with me. I was C-R-U-S-H-E-D!!! My mother in law got us tickets to view the Inauguration from the Treasury Department and then we had tickets to view the parade from an awesome spot at the front! Reserved seats no less! Can I just tell you how upset I was all day? I guess it all comes down to maternal sacrifices and God’s will. Had I not been home I would have not been able to answer my mothers call about my Dad needing to go the hospital. I would not have been with my family in a time of need. I would have been stuck in DC freaking out because I could not get home fast enough. So thankfully my sweet AJ had a cough and we stayed home. But can I just say a few things? First of all how proud I am. Proud of my country, our country for breaking down another barrier and coming closer to the greatness of our countries potential. Proud of the city of my birth for hosting such a historic event without a single arrest. How greatful I am to live in a country that has the transition power happen so peacefully. How honored I am to have experience and seen change in action. We didn’t just use the word in speech we made it into an action. To me this was more than electing our first African American President it was about electing the right man for the job. To me Barack Obama is not African American and maybe since my chilren are biracial I don’t see things as just black or just white, I see that there is more and you can be both or non at all. It was about not looking at the color of his skin and voting for the possibility of a better America.

The clothes were picked out with care. Ready in hopes that Barack would soon be seen.

Sleeping all snug in bed.

Little Miss with a cough drop.

From the comfort of my own room.

What I saw instead… Change is here!

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