Walking Humbly with God

I know I posted the goals I had for this year and I included the goals I have for my faith as well but I have one more to add. We sing this hymn during Mass all the time at school and I love it. Every time we sing it this part stands out “to walk humbly with God”. In my quest for validation and wanting to be worthy I tend to not walk humbly. I want to be recognized for the worth I bring. I think the reason this verse gets to me is because I have had it all wrong. I am worthy and I do not need to convince others of it I just need to know it in myself. My path towards honoring God has shown me that if I wasn’t worthy He wouldn’t have made me. In Genesis it says that God made man and it was good. So that makes me good. Now I just need to learn to walk humbly with Him. Oh and the kids at HR sing it much better!


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