Bragging on Little Miss Sass

Little Miss has grown a lot the past few months. I have been remiss on not only noticing but also sharing. It seems I forget that she is only 3.5 years old. I often think she is like my students who are six and seven but just shorter. So as I was saying she is growing she will soon be four and from what I see she is acting more like it everyday. Not only is she out growing clothes too quickly she is also learning things I don’t think I did at her age. She now has conversations with Jesus more than I do. She has learned to turn to him when she is lonely or in need of guidance. She is a little perturbed that he doesn’t always answer her but hey who isn’t? She is also starting to disobey us and knowingly do what we ask her not to. Right now this is mainly showing in her wanting to sleep in our room and sneaking to our doorway after we put her in her room. Many nights Gish finds her like this. She has also found her creative side and is often working on different crafts. We are coming home to see pictures and drawings taped to our wall. I bring home foam crafts from school for us to do together only to be told I got it Mom (when did she get old enough to just call me mom?) you do one with The Boy. So I take my own craft and leave her alone. I remember just a short while ago she wanted to make hers just like mine and asked my opinion on everything. Most shocking really is the growth she is showing academically. She had homework to do this past week and I got her all set to start so I could make dinner. I had told myself before hand not to meddle and to offer guidance only if she asked for it. I had prepared for a scribbly picture and had even considered how I would tell her how it is important to stay inside the lines when we can and use different colors. Then I saw this. Never mind the fact that she is a better colorer than some of my first grade students! Do you see the cutting? She blew me away when I saw how well she cut the sun out and the groundhog even more. I had been concerned about her fine motor skills because she tends to fill out forms with very short tight peaks and valleys but boy was I wrong. I realized that maybe I need to let her be 3 (uh more like 4) and raise my expectations of my students. I guess you can color me proud.


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