MHR Valentine’s Day

Katy asked that we post our first Valentine’s Day story. Kev and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day my freshman year in college. We went to eat at Tripps which is a restaurant at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. I remember we went to eat with my girlfriend Sarah and her then boyfriend. I also remember we stayed up late and played spades with the other couple. It was a fun evening and so sweet to have Kevin drive down to SC from VA to be with me. He has been doing things for me since the beginning of our relationship.

So this week I had determined pretty early in the week why he rocked then I got 2 more added reasons as the week progressed. I have to decided if I should share them all or save them up for a week when he hasn’t rocked so much 😉

  1. On Monday I asked Kevin to go to spin class with me. He doesn’t really like it because he hates the cardio workout it gives him. He reluctantly agreed, but told me he wasn’t going to work that hard and didn’t need a towel or anything. This makes me a little sad because I am making him do something he really doesn’t want to and what kind of wife am I impose my likes on him? One who is trying very hard to lose weight, I guess. Anyway, I looked over to him at the end of class and he was panting as hard as I was. Then he gave me that great smile and wink, that melts my heart. Reason number one he rocks this week, he doesn’t do anything half-ass (excuse the expression).
  2. Reason number two he watched the kids while I went out to dinner with some girlfriends this Thursday. He let me enjoy some time away. He understands that we both need time with our friends.
  3. Last night he went to help out my parents who are selling their house and need him to let someone in to pick up a couch. He did it because he didn’t want me in a potentially unsafe situation. Kevin is great with my family and has truly earned their love and respect by being a great in-law to my parents, cousins, aunts and grandparents.

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