The cake part one

So you might ask “Lovelace how do you get your son so messy with birthday cake?” and I would answer “Oh that, first you decide to have test run of the cake you will be making for The Boy’s party.” “Well Dear Reader, its really quite simple first look up a recipe for buttercream icing. Whip that up while you bake your cake for the night”.

‘While that one is in the oven mix up the batter for the official party cake and be sure to make it look pretty before putting it in the oven.”

“Lastly you should test the pattern on the cake you are baking for the test run and make it look pretty. Testing is very important because it will let you see how to cut the 9×13 sheet cake to look like the dog. Making a test cake will allow you to see what won’t work and what will leave you with a one eared dog.” Oh and I lied (:P) for real the last thing you should do is let your son have at it.
Follow all these steps and you will surely have a son who will look like this at the end of the night.
Tomorrow’s will look like blue and not Sprinkles but I thought this would be cute and still use the pattern. I moved his nose (the strawberry) to fit the candle.


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