Not Me Monday Stellan Style…

The Cline family has asked that we do Not Me Monday Stellan Style and I am happy to oblige.

This week I did not ask my class to pray for Stellan. I did not write his name on our chalkboard for his name gallery.
I did not have to explain to my husband why I kept checking MckMama’s site.
I did not ask AJ to pray for baby Stellan. I did not spend time in prayer with Kohen asking God to heal Stellan.
I did not to fly off my computer and run to Mass yesterday so I could pray for Stellan. I did not light a candle in Stellan’s name.
I have not been unable to sleep peacefully because of the anguish of knowing this could happen to my children.
I have not said prayers for MckMama so that she have the strentgh to care for her child and keep faith that God will watch over Stellan no mater what.
I have not pleaded with God to not only keep my children healthy but to also heal all children who are battling for their lives.
I am not on twitter refreshing every couple minutes wondering if MckMama has updated.
I did not join the Pray for Stellan Group on Facebook.
I am not invested in asking the Dear Lord to heal this sweet boy.

God’s Blessings

This morning my sweet boy woke up at 6:23 and I was filled with this feeling to gratitude. As sat on my lap and laid his head on my chest there was nowhere else I wanted him to be. I realized for the upteenth time what a great blessing children are. He sat with me for a good 6 minutes just peaceful and in his own way inspiring me to pray. I gave God thanks for my healthy children and I prayed even hard for Stellan and for a girl I went to high school with who is battling cancer. Last night these to people were on my mind and I couldn’t figure out how to help them. So this morning Kohen and I prayed. Though my children are both healthy and full of life it could change in an instant. So those moments when you want them to sleep just a little bit longer maybe aren’t as important as being thankful and praising God that they woke up healthy again.

Please join me in prayer

MckMama’s  beautiful miracle Stellan is in the hospital for SVT and needs our prayers.  His Mother’s faith is amazing and just like the royal official that asked Jesus to come and save his son before he died MckMama is asking that Jesus save her son.  Please let join her and all the other mothers praying for the health of their babes, big and small.  I know the Lord listens!  

A playdate for who??

When Moms get together with friends who happen to have kids of the same age who is the playdate really for?    This weekend i had a playdate with my friend DeeDee who I have known since 8th grade.  AJ had a playdate with her daughter Keira who just happens to be 5 days older than AJ.  Happiness all around!  

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not have to go to the ER today because my principal thought I might have 5th disease or an allergic reaction to amoxicillin . I do not have to stay home until 3/19. I have not been so sleepy that I have 3 huge loads of laundry to fold. I did not work an extra half hour on Friday so I could read the end of my Jodi Picoult book. I did not go to a St. Patricks party on Saturday and have my first Irish Coffee. I do not have my daughter convinced leprechauns are a little like gingerbread babies. I do not have 3 weeks worth of pictures to upload to my 365 blog and on here. Phew! No Not ME!

While Mama’s cooking

Daddy lets you play.  Or eat whatever you want.  Want some butter out of the tub?  Sure no prob!  Some coke?   Why of course!  As long as you stay away from Mom and don’t get caught you can have whatever you like.  

Games games games…

Little Miss Sass has recently become a game enthusiast.  She has Guess Who and Let’s Go Fishing on the brain these days.  We start our morning with a rousing game of Let’s Go Fishing and end the day that way too.  Are your preschoolers into any specific games?  AJ loves Hulabaloo but not Memory or Candyland.   

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