Not Me Monday Stellan Style…

The Cline family has asked that we do Not Me Monday Stellan Style and I am happy to oblige.

This week I did not ask my class to pray for Stellan. I did not write his name on our chalkboard for his name gallery.
I did not have to explain to my husband why I kept checking MckMama’s site.
I did not ask AJ to pray for baby Stellan. I did not spend time in prayer with Kohen asking God to heal Stellan.
I did not to fly off my computer and run to Mass yesterday so I could pray for Stellan. I did not light a candle in Stellan’s name.
I have not been unable to sleep peacefully because of the anguish of knowing this could happen to my children.
I have not said prayers for MckMama so that she have the strentgh to care for her child and keep faith that God will watch over Stellan no mater what.
I have not pleaded with God to not only keep my children healthy but to also heal all children who are battling for their lives.
I am not on twitter refreshing every couple minutes wondering if MckMama has updated.
I did not join the Pray for Stellan Group on Facebook.
I am not invested in asking the Dear Lord to heal this sweet boy.

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