Guess Who’s 30?!?!?!

Didn’t think it would happen but it did.  30 here I am.  As usual I didn’t necessarily spend the weekend the way I planned it but I still enjoyed it.  I knew I wanted to go down to the mall and see the Cherry Blossoms.  They were beautiful, see?I knew I wanted to spend time with my favorite people…

Mommy and Koey

Mommy and AJ

Kev and I 12 year later!

Mylee and I 

I wanted to take some nice shots of my family

Kohen didn’t cooperate as much as Ava did.  
I didn’t get to eat any of the birthday cake I ordered for myself since it melted before I got to cut myself I piece.  

But in the end I did get to have a margarita with my ever faithful margarita buddy, still taking apps for new one, though ;).

So in the end the weekend was good.  I didn’t reach the goals I had to reach before I turned 30 but the great thing is I have more time!  I am still triyng to improve and be a better person mentally, socially and phycally.  Hopefully soon, ideally before I turn 31 I will have reached these goals.   


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