Loving Motherhood?

I was watching Oprah today which was about Mommy Secrets.  I loved it since I have been keeping many of those. (Check out my Not Me post in a few).  The one thing that was said that I loved was how we love our children but sometimes we don’t love Motherhood.  DAMN Skippy.  I mean boy do I love my kids.  They are the light of my life and I sure do I adore them both.  Sometimes though the actual taking care of them every moment I am not at work is hard.  Even when I sleep Kohen is next to me jabbing me with his feet or hands.  Doesn’t matter if its my birthday or a special day I (we) sitll have to get up and care for our children.  Even when you have had a long day at work or been up with them since early you still have to try to make out what they are saying when they aren’t understandably verbal.  Mom’s and in some cases Dads have to be trusted to break-up sibling agruements and capable of offering soothing words when you might be the one to need them most.  Moms are human we need time to ourselves too.  We need to care for us so we can care for them but as much as we say it to ourselves we seldom do it.  We are always pushing our needs away and the days we do take care of them we are still feeling guilty for doing it.  We second and triple guess our decissions and wonder if we are being the best mother we can be and doing the best for our kids.  So yes sometimes I don’t love motherhood BUT I always love my kids.  


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